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Welcome to the first of our miniseries where we’ll be focusing on helping you deliver your communications and engage your prospective customers in a post-COVID world.

Whether it’s working on your email content strategy, making your web site stand out, building relationships with prospective customers, creating content that cuts through the noise, or getting you noticed via videos or podcasts, we are experts in helping generate new business for technology consultancies and agencies across the UK and Europe.

The bottom line is that the B2B buying journey has transformed, irreversibly. Accelerated by COVID, business decision makers (and more often than not, decision-making teams) know what they want, when they want it and where to find it. Business purchases are rarely made anymore off the back of a conversation with a ‘silver-tongued salesperson’. They are made through considered approaches to solving a business problem – a process that usually involves multiple stakeholders (company employees), research, recommendations, and evaluations.

If you are selling B2B solutions, this poses a bit of a challenge. But rather than shy away from it, we want to help you embrace this new buying journey and position your company as the ‘go-to’ provider that your prospects will want to speak to.

The situation has changed. Things are different. People are influenced by people. The world is more digital than ever.

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We are not trying to re-invent the wheel – promoting your brand and services via the right channels, at the right time, to the right people, will get you noticed, which in turn will lead to more clients and sales.

The good news is that whilst people want accessibility and to be able to find what they need online fast, they also still crave that human touch; a level of interaction, a natural and organic way of engaging.

We are passionate about helping small to medium businesses succeed and putting them in front of their aspirational prospects – be that other SMEs, or large corporates / household brands. We have fine-tuned our approach over the years to achieve business growth for our Clients.

So, obviously – good content is key, but it’s made so much more powerful when combined with good old fashioned ‘human interaction’.

Good content + human contact + right platform, right time = winning sales strategy.

Bluestone’s background and core strengths are in ‘human communication’ – intelligent, phone-based conversations, email exchange, personalised messaging, face to face meetings – all of which we do extremely well.

However, until recently, what was missing was the other ingredient – creative content and communications.

So, we fixed the problem…

We teamed up with leading creative comms agency, DMA Partners, a company with many years of experience in the technology sector, providing services such as branding & visual identity, copywriting & content, digital marketing & websites, events strategy & communication, film & video, podcasting & webinars.

Their strength is being able to take a complex value proposition and boil it down into simple messaging that can be digested and understood by anyone (even non-technical people) and rolled out across all of your comms.

Together, Bluestone and DMA now provides a full-service business development solution. Working collaboratively, we can promote your brand and services across the correct channels at the right time, designed to catch people at exactly the right point along their buying journey.

If you are looking at generating new business opportunities as we emerge from the pandemic, why not call us for an informal chat?

James Harvey

020 3727 6200 / 0787 242 7816

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