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data enrichment, data validation & gdpr compliance

Accurate and relevant data is crucial to the success of any B2B marketing campaign. Bluestone provides a range of comprehensive, GDPR-compliant, data support services to ensure that your new campaign gets off to a flying start, or that your existing business development machine doesn’t lose momentum.


Bespoke, contact research & list building

Our UK-based team of researchers will work with you to define your ideal persona criteria, then trawl through LinkedIn, Google, press releases and other social media, to create propsect lists tailored to your value proposition. All contacts have email addresses and phone numbers, and are imported directly into your CRM.


Data cleansing & validation

Research shows that marketing data deteriorates at a rate of 2.1% per month so it pays to keep your lists clean. We can breathe life back into your existing database saving you time, money and frustration.


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High quality B2B marketing data helps businesses to target their ideal prospects, ensure that their messaging is relevant and adding value to the recipient’s day. The more relevant, accurate and targeted your data, the more engaged and responsive the prospects are likely to be. 

Our core value around people could not be more prevalent here. We treat every contact across each of our Clients’ databases with the utmost in respect. We provide guidelines for all of our data only customers, to ensure they are fully aware of the GDPR rules around outreach and privacy. Much of it comes down to common sense and courtesy. We believe that in most cases, if you treat people with respect, they will reciprocate.

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