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Reach your prospects with highly targeted email outreach that creates brand awareness, generates open rates of up to 70%, and direct responses and referrals from decision makers in your chosen brands and organisations. Find out how Bluestone B2B can Boost your email marketing efforts.


BOOST is is our email outreach lead generation solution that generates engagement, direct responses and referrals in any company or organisation; from SMEs, to public sector, to major household brands. We regularly achieve open rates in excess of 70%, high value responses and referrals that lead to meetings, briefs and opportunities.

Most of our clients are SMEs that many businesses have never heard of before. Putting them on their prospects’ radar for the first time and gently nurturing them is a crucial part of building brand awareness. BOOST achieves this by drip-feeding their valuable content to decision makers and influencers, in a timely and relevant way.

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BOOST & BOOST+ can work in almost any sector. We have decades of experience writing emails that cut through the noise, locate the right decision makers and engage with them on the business challenges they face, and the problems you can solve for them. All marketing data is included. We manage your email outreach expertly for responses, bounces and unsubscribes, and give you full access via your CRM. 


Intelligent email automation campaigns:
  • BD Director + Campaign Executive
  • Email content designed to generate monster engagement levels
  • Personalised emails sent daily to targeted lists of prospects
  • Warm, engaged responses and referrals sent directly to your inbox
  • Weekly lists of engaged prospects, prioritised by engagement
  • Regular email open rates in excess of 70%
  • Biggest email openers reached out to on LinkedIn
  • Your database kept clean and GDPR-compliant
  • Campaign performance monitored daily
  • Weekly stats reports and sales advice
  • Negative responses, opt-outs and all CRM admin expertly managed


All the features of BOOST, plus:
  • Warm, engaged responses and referrals jumped on by our BD team, progressed either to a meeting or a new business opportunity
  • Full report processed and sent to you ahead of meetings, providing full details of the opportunity, and level of engagement (BANT)
  • In addition to statistical reports, a half-hour Zoom catch-up with your BD Director
  • Post-opportunity support, to help you convert opportunities into customers

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