Helping your Better Business to be, well…. even Better

No doubt, your value proposition is in awesome shape; a result of all the great work you’ve done to understand your market, your offering, and how you can make a difference! But how does it look from an outbound perspective?

What is Blueprint?

There’s a big difference between inbound and outbound marketing. Receiving a brief or a request for information from someone that either knows you already, or has had a recommendation, is a relatively straight-forward sales-close. On the other hand, reaching out to colder prospects, often to put your company in front of them for the fist time, is a completely different ball game – and requires a different strategy.

Blueprint is our outreach consultancy service, delivered by Bluestone’s Managing Director, James Harvey.

James has been in B2B sales, marketing, product and business development management for over 20 years, and has a track record in helping to develop the value propositions for many agencies and consultancies. 

He has a passion for helping SMEs find their next clients and partners, and is exceptionally well-connected across a number of groups.

He is also an active promoter for the better business movement – essentially, using business as a force for good.


James Harvey Headshot 2023 - Owner and Head of B2B business development
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Why is Blueprint important for your business?

  • Do you have sales/marketing/business development/account management people in-house that are lacking direction?
  • Have you tried any type of outreach or lead generation yourself, but not got the results you hoped for?
  • Have you used ‘lead generation’ companies before and feel like you’ve had your ‘fingers burned’?

If any of the above sounds familiar, I’d be happy to give some advice. There aren’t many challenges that I haven’t had direct expereince with over the years, and had to find a solution.

Blueprint is low cost, honest and impartial advice from an expereinced business development consultant. There is no obligation or pressure to use any of Bluestone’s additional services. My aim is to help you get your value proposition in shape for outbound marketing, and help you deliver it in order to get results, whichever route you decide to take.

Call me now on 020 3727 6200 to discuss your requirement and request a quote.


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