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Creating Good Content and a Strong Business Strategy

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Welcome to the next instalment of our ‘business development in a post-COVID world’ mini series. As previously mentioned, we have teamed up with leading creative comms agency, DMA Partners, to provide a full-service business development agency.

We know that the sales and marketing landscapes have vastly changed over the years and never more so since the pandemic hit. People being told to stay home during COVID-19 has driven huge levels of viewing across a multitude of social media platforms. Has your business adapted to get in front of those viewers who could be potential clients?

We’ll be covering some steps that you can take when it comes to promoting your B2B brand and services.

Help vs sell

Gone are the days of sell, sell, sell. Customers are human and want to be treated as such — they have unique needs and they want to trust the company that they buy from.

How do you plan to help before you sell? By providing content with value.

In the last article, we discussed YouTube Shorts. Now here is where video content might come in handy to push your brand awareness…

Have you ever thought about delivering educational content and resource guides via social media or short-form videos?

Stand out by providing valuable content about your services. Build trust and show your potential customers that you are knowledgeable in your field. Not putting the main focus on selling can really help when it comes to B2B brand marketing.

Show personality

Who makes up your company? Have you ever thought about sharing your story? When it comes to email marketing, don’t bombard your prospects with sales pitches, show them your heart. Make them want to buy from you because they have brought into your story and into your employees’ experiences.

You could create an interview series whereby you showcase different employees throughout the month. Your sales consultants can have a space online where their personality shines through — we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, people buy from people. So try getting personal!

Look at your data

This new B2B sales world will require detailed insights and data on customers and potential leads. You need to be up to date with who might need your services and why. Look at the data and analyse, then create content which will show (and prove) how you can help that client demographic.

Speak to your employees too, they used to be customer facing (and will again) so their insights can be amalgamated alongside the data too.

Data is powerful and used in conjunction with innovative digital upgrades, you’ll be able to service your customers and gain new leads quicker.

So, whilst we might be navigating the new normal with B2B sales, implementing proactive targeted changes and focusing on a hybrid approach when it comes to business development will only propel your company forward.

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