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Mx2 Interiors

Dozens of meetings & Business opportunities
Dozens of meetings and opportunities to pitch for new projects
New markets tested and validated as potential areas for business growth
New relationships started with business owners for future projects
Supported them through the development of their CRM and with data management


MX2 is a vibrant company dedicated to creating fit out solutions that delight and inspire. They combine dynamic and inspirational offices, workplaces or interiors, with spaces that work for their clients, keeping them one step ahead of the competition. They are committed to building a company that is ‘just the right size’ so that they can continue to offer the exceptional customer service that is key to delivering high quality, complete design & build solutions.


Managing Director, Tim Medlycott, came to Bluestone for help with sales development in a few specific sectors, one of which was Commercial Property Agents. The approach at Mx2 Interiors has always been one of strategic long term relationships. They recognised that sheer volume and simply throwing numbers is not the way forward for their value proposition; understanding where service shortfalls are and how they can plug that gap was hugely important.


After setting up an initial trial campaign, we quickly engaged with the owners and directors of property agencies and consultancies, booking meetings to build relationships and discuss potential projects. Additionally, we set-up a similar campaign targeting golf clubs. Over the course of around 10 months, we booked dozens of meetings, many of which resulted in opportunities to pitch for projects.
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