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Embracing change

Covid posed immense challenges for many small business in the UK, and ours was no different. We worked hard to keep clients on board and avoid furloughing. This was something that we believed strongly about at the time, for both moral and mental health reasons. We appreciate that this was not possible for everyone and have full respect the companies that weathered the storm, however they were able to do so.

One of the positives for us that came out of some of the unexpected downtime was a period of reflection and soul-searching. With a little extra time on our hands, we got the chance to re-evaluate our purpose, and what was important to us. In turn, this exercise  set us off on our better business journey.

To be fair, we had a bit of a head start with our existing set-up. Bluestone was born, amongst other things, out of a desire to reduce the stress and enviromental impact of daily commuting, and we had already proven that we could get results as a team and have a better work-life balance, working remotely. So when we were hit the first lockdowns, we felt that it was a shame it had taken a global pandemic for companies around the world to realise the benefits of remote and flexi-working – for their employees, businesses and the environment.

Nevertheless, our destiny had started to become clearer around this time, and as we were discovering, we were not alone. For one reason or another, companies and individuals around the world had been going down similar avenues for some time, and so began our new journey.

Roll on to 2024, and whilst we know we can do more, we are proud to share our  continuously evolving list of activities.

Our membership and support includes:

  • The Better Business Act – we’re one of over 2,500 companies that have chosen to be part of the coalition
  • 1% for the Planet – we donate 1% of  our annual revenue to carefully selected, local environmental partners
  • The Better Business Network – a UK-based network for pupose driven business owners
  • People, Planet, Pint co-hosts of the increasingly popular, bi-monthly sustainability meet-up in Hove
  • Skoot – a B Corp specialising in carbon emmissions offsetting, through tree-planting projects around the world 
  • Carbon Literacy certified – all Bluestone employees are certified

new business as a force for good

There is a growing community of businesses around the world that recognise that they can make a positive impact on people and planet, as well as making a profit. Not only that, but they’ve spotted that in doing so, they have been able to add value to their offering, and gain a competitive edge.
With some minor adjustments to your offering, could your business join this growing movement of Better Businesses?
If you’d like to bounce some ideas around, we are always open to a chat.
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