About us.

Every business needs a purpose. Ours has always been to help B2B businesses grow into bigger onesSince our launch in 2012, we have delivered amazing results for our clients through lead generation, B2B business development, outbound marketing, and sales support. Apart from hard graft, one of our key strengths has always been our end-to-end process. We don’t just generate leads and pass them over, we work on specific opportunities with our clients, holding their hands throughout the entire sales cycle and maintaining a 100% focus on their ROI. For that reason, Profit is always our number one priority for our clients.


Our employees, clients and partners are our biggest asset. That’s why ensuring our people are happy, engaged and motivated, is our main priority. And it’s not about lots of perks and big bonuses, it’s about listening to each other on a regular basis, and going the extra mile to support each other where we can. The decision to work remotely when we launched over 10 years ago, was not an accident. We knew that work-life balance was key to achieving our goals, and to get the best possible results for our clients. It stands to reason, happier, healthier, more motivated employees, working closely with their colleagues, clients and partners are the best ingredients for success.

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More than 65 years of combined experience.


When we asked our team about their own personal values, one of the things that we all agreed on was our commitment to living as green a lifestyle as we can. In working remotely, we felt were already making a good contribution, however we wanted to do more.

As part of this vision, we’ve partnered with Skoot to help us offset our carbon footprint, and hopefully inspire others to do the same. We pay them a small monthly fee, which they invest in a variety of reforesting projects, supporting local communities and fighting climate change.

Skoot’s impact forest is a place where they can showcase the power of all their collective actions and celebrate the journey they are on together. Every small action they take today creates a lifetime of positive change for the climate tomorrow. Their race to net zero is about celebrating every tree they have planted and every KG of CO2e offset or avoided.

Interested in lowering your businesses emissions and improving the planet for everyone? Get in touch with us now for a free introduction to learn how you can help on the journey to net-zero.

Meet the team

James Harvey Headshot 2023 - Owner and Head of B2B business development

James Harvey

Managing Director

James shares 20+ years of sales, marketing and B2B business development experience from multiple sectors. Having always worked agency-side, he has a solid understanding of how small businesses work, the challenges they face and the barriers they need to overcome in order to thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace. 

James is a keen sportsman, playing golf and racket sports in his spare time. His passion for people and planet related issues has helped to guide Bluestone on its journey to becoming a Better Business.

TIM HÉRONNEAU Headshot 2023


Business Development Manager

Tim is a seasoned B2B business development manager with a 35-year track record in acquiring new business for and behalf of sales agencies. A pro-active, self-starter with a rounded, professional attitude, and involvement in around 250 successful B2B sales campaigns across a multitude of industry sectors. 

In his spare time, Tim watches his favourite rugby and football teams (though coming from Hull, this is rarely pleasurable!) is being an ex-food critic, loves to try new cuisine.

Rachel robson

Campaign Assistant

Rachel is a seasoned executive-level administrator and personal assistant. She has gained a wealth of international experience in providing administrative support in sales, logistics and project management. Her career is marked by a commitment to confidentiality and meticulous organisation. 

When Rachel is away from work, she maintains an active and healthy lifestyle and loves travelling. Recycling and doing her bit for the planet are matters close to her heart. 

Nathan Burgess

Business Development Executive

Nathan is a sales and business development expert, with a background in financial pricing, technology, media and entertainment. He is highly enthusiastic, self-motivated,  and passionate about qualifying customer needs and presenting products, both virtually and in person. 

Nathan is a keen and experienced skier, and enjoys long walks with his two dogs in the country side, and spending time with his young daughter and beautiful wife.

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